P4Perl- Perl Extensions to the Perforce API


So what's P4Perl about? In a nutshell P4Perl is the product name for a Perl module that allows you to execute Perforce commands without leaving Perl space and to get the results in Perl Arrays and Hashes. The module's name is 'P4', whilst 'P4Perl' is the product name.

Note: In March 2008, P4Perl was adopted as a supported Perforce product. The version here, in the Perforce Public depot is deprecated, and will not be maintained further.

Download P4Perl from the Perforce FTP site as seen on our Perforce Related Software page.

Related Software

Wilson Synder has written P4-C4 a Perl Based CVS frontend for Perforce which is summarised thus:

"P4::C4 provides additional Perl functions on top of the Perl API, such as option parsing and difference detection. P4-C4 also provides a replacement c4 program similar to the C version written by Neil Russel, but with additional fixes and features. C4 provides a workspace client where every file is writable, and can be modified on an ad-hoc basis, and performs P4 edit and revert commands as needed to maintain that view. C4 sets the client specification such that a file specification alone is enough to find the client spec, no more needing to chdir to the proper place first."