P4Ruby: Ruby interface to the Perforce API


  1. Introduction
  2. P4Ruby Script Library
  3. Credits


So, what's it all about? Well in a nutshell P4Ruby allows you to write beautiful Ruby code that interacts with a Perforce server. The main features are:

Writing Ruby code is a joy for all programmers, and P4Ruby makes that experience available to Perforce users. Enjoy it!

Note: In March 2008, P4Ruby was adopted as a supported Perforce product. The version here, in the Perforce Public depot is deprecated, and will not be maintained further.

Download P4Ruby from the Perforce FTP site.

P4Ruby Script Library

I've started collecting a library of triggers and scripts based on P4Ruby. If you've a script you'd like to see included, please contact me and let me know.


Thanks to Robert Cowham for getting me started with a Windows installer.

Thanks to Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt at The Pragmatic Programmers for their superb book and kindly giving me permission to use the funky Ruby image at the top of this page.

And of course, thanks to Matz for Ruby.